MRO Products: Pre-Sintered Preforms

We offer a wide array of Pre-Sintered Preforms (PSP?) used to dimensionally restore and repair cracks on worn jet engines, components for aerospace and industrial applications, such as high pressure, gas turbine vanes.

Pre-sintered preforms are a customised blend of superalloy and braze powders in either a plate form or specific shape allows selective build-up of worn surfaces to be achieved quickly and efficiently offering savings in time and cost. Extrudable paste allows for application in difficult to reach areas and a brushable paint form is used for sealing deep or narrow cracks or micro-cracks.

With our PSP? technology, low porosity eliminates braze repair shrinkage. The porosity of custom performs is less than 2%, so little or no shrinkage occurs–this is a major advantage of MTC Wesgo? Metals' PSPs? over traditional brazing pastes and green tapes. These braze methods present several problems, primarily with uncontrollable shrinkage and multiple re-brazing cycles. Unlike pastes and green tapes, PSP? components require minimal post-braze grinding or machining to restore a part to its original dimensions. PSPs? are available in a flat plate, cut preforms, tapered and curved preforms and a 3-Dimensional bushing, which is used to restore worn holes or bores.

Typical superalloys used in pre-sintered preforms:

  • Inco 939
  • T800
  • SA650 (GE only)
  • Hastelloy X
  • Haynes 188
  • MarM 247
  • RenĂ© 142

Typical braze alloys used in pre-sintered preforms:

  • AD914
  • AMS 4776
  • AMS 4778
  • DF-3
  • DF-4B
  • DF-5
  • DF-6
  • Inco 718B
  • MarM 509B
  • S57B
  • Custom OEM alloys

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